Import car to Andorra

Are you a new resident in Andorra and want to import your classic or luxury car into the principality? HYPER.LUXE Andorra, specialists in off-market properties, will assist you with your procedures and provide all the necessary information to successfully import your vehicle with peace of mind. Here is a detailed guide on the steps to follow, the conditions to meet, and the necessary documents to import and register your luxury car in Andorra.

Cars over 25 years old must be imported as classic cars. Finally, it is important to note that the import rate or IGI is 4.5% of the vehicle’s market value, except for hybrid cars where it is 1%.

Steps to FollowFollow to Import a Car into Andorra

To import a car into Andorra, several steps must be followed. First, the vehicle must be registered in the parish where the driver resides and where the residence permit was issued. Next, the vehicle must have been registered in the owner’s name for more than 6 months, and the importation must be carried out within 6 months following the receipt of the residence permit.

Conditions to MeetMeet to Import a Car into Andorra

To be imported into the Principality of Andorra and registered in the owner’s name, your luxury car must meet certain conditions. First, it must comply with European CO2 emission standards, specifically EURO 5 or higher. Next, it is forbidden to import cars with the steering wheel on the right (this is very important!). Cars over 25 years old must be imported as classic cars. Finally, it is important to note that the import rate or IGI is 4.5% of the vehicle's market value, except for hybrid cars where it is 1%. The IGI is equivalent to VAT in Andorra. Commonly, VAT is the term used in other countries like France, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, or Portugal. In the Principality, the applicable IGI rate is 4.5%. Total or partial exemption is possible depending on the service or product being taxed.

Documents Required toto Import a Car into Andorra

To import your luxury or classic car into Andorra, several documents are required. First, the owner’s passport is needed. Then, a residence certificate is necessary, except for non-residents with temporary plates. The vehicle must also be accompanied by its purchase invoice. Documents proving that the vehicle passed the last technical inspection or ITV in the country of origin are also required, along with a certificate of approval or compliance if the vehicle has been modified. Finally, a technical certificate, insurance policy from an Andorran insurance company, export and import declaration, and deregistration from the competent transit authority in the country of origin are necessary.

Costs to ExpectExpect for Importing a Car into Andorra

Importing a car into Andorra involves several costs. First, the registration cost is €200, and the license plates issued by the Automobile Club Andorra cost €60. Next, cars acquired or manufactured outside the European Union must pay an additional 10% tax. Finally, non-residents can also register their vehicle in Andorra, but in this case, temporary plates are issued and must be renewed each year.

Custom License PlatesPlates in Andorra

Since 2014, cars registered in Andorra can request a custom license plate. The conditions to meet are as follows: combinations must consist of letters and numbers, in this order of preference, or only letters; numbering must be Arabic and letters must be uppercase without accents; confusing combinations or those similar to registered trademarks are not accepted; registrations must contain at least five characters and start with a letter; combinations already assigned or reserved cannot be accepted. The ministry is responsible for rejecting all those contrary to the law or disturbing public order. Depending on the letters and numbers on the custom plate, the cost will vary, although the annual license fees are fixed and amount to a minimum of €200.

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