Let's dispel an initial doubt: off-market is indeed a reality! However, contrary to what some buyers may imagine, it represents only a small portion of the automotive market. At HYPERLUXE, we estimate that 15 to 20% of sold assets have not been publicly listed online and thus fall into the off-market category. One thing is certain: in a tight supercar and hypercar market, the volume of off-market transactions becomes more significant. Since these sales happen discreetly, obtaining precise figures on the number of transactions is challenging. On LuxuryPulse, 30% of listed assets are off-market.

The Low ProbabilityProbability of Directly Discovering Off-Market Offers

You may occasionally learn about an upcoming sale of a hyper-luxury asset in casual conversations with acquaintances. However, this probability remains low, and there is no guarantee that the asset will match your preferences or be priced appropriately.

Building a trustworthy relationship with our clients to secure off-market deals takes time. With over 14 years of experience in the automotive industry, our connections with dealerships and, most importantly, with our clients, have been nurtured. It is this trust developed over time that enables us to facilitate off-market transactions seamlessly and advantageously for all parties involved.