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How and why to register a car in Andorra

You are the proud owner of a magnificent Bentley Continental GT freshly acquired on LuxuryPulse and you wish to register it in the Principality of Andorra. It is important to note that Andorra is not part of the EU or the Schengen Area. However, it has signed agreements with European countries regarding the movement of goods and people, allowing vehicles to move freely and without time limits in Europe.

One of the advantages of registering in Andorra is that the Andorran vehicle registration database is not shared with any other country, ensuring complete discretion.

To register your Bentley Continental GTC in Andorra, certain conditions must be met. The vehicle must have been registered in your name for at least six months, and you must have resided in the Principality for at least six months. If you do not have a residence, you can still register your car, but you will receive a temporary license plate to be renewed annually. The required documents for the transfer are: the owner's passport, the vehicle invoice, the residence certificate (if applicable), the papers from the last technical inspection in the country of origin, the technical and homologation certificate or certificate of conformity, the export and import declaration, insurance policy from an Andorran company, and the registration of the transit authority in the shipping country.

Costs and taxestaxes for registering a car in Andorra

The costs to register a vehicle in Andorra include: a 4.5% import tax based on the vehicle's value (1% for hybrid vehicles), €200 registration fees, €60 license plates from the Andorra Automobile Club, and an additional 10% tax for vehicles not manufactured in Europe or purchased outside the European territory. Insurance fees should also be considered. Note that only vehicles compliant with the Euro 5 emissions standard can be registered in Andorra.

Additional conditions apply, such as the prohibition of registering vehicles with right-hand steering and the requirement to import vehicles older than 25 years as classic cars. Since 2014, it has been possible to request a personalized license plate for an annual fee of at least €200.

Why register aa car in Andorra?

Due to increasing registration taxes in France, more and more buyers of new and used sports vehicles are turning to other European countries to register their vehicles and avoid these additional taxes. Andorra, with its extremely advantageous tax system, offers an interesting alternative for non-residents wishing to register their car. Andorra has the most advantageous VAT in Europe, with a rate of 4.5% compared to 20% in France, which already guarantees a 15.5% savings when purchasing a vehicle. Moreover, by using an Andorran company to register your vehicle, you will not have to worry about the ecological malus or regional tax, as they do not exist in Andorra.

Quick and easyeasy registration process in Andorra

Registering a vehicle in Andorra takes only two days. You must provide all necessary documents to the French/Germany/Andorran customs and the Andorran government on-site. Once the documents are submitted, the yellow card (equivalent to the gray card) is issued the next day, and all that remains is to install the license plates. As for insurance, the vehicle is covered for all risks from the time of purchase. Additionally, you can request personalized plates during your appointment at the government office for an extra fee.

One of the advantages of registering in Andorra is that the Andorran vehicle registration database is not shared with any other country, ensuring complete discretion. Furthermore, the principality is bordered by Spain and France, offering the opportunity to enjoy ski resorts, duty-free shopping, excellent restaurants, and numerous mountain hikes in both summer and winter.

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