BUGATTI Chiron “The Final 1500 HP Chiron”

The French hyperluxe brand BUGATTI unveils its latest creation for a Canadian client, the Bugatti Chiron "The Final 1500 HP Chiron." This hypercar boasts several captivating details. Inside, the driver and passenger are greeted by door sills engraved with "La Chiron finale de 1500 ch." The leather seats, dyed in "Beluga Black" and "Copper," add an elegant touch.

BUGATTI unveils “The Final 1500 HP Chiron” Chiron for a Canadian client.

Under the hood, nothing new: a monumental 6.0-liter W16 engine delivering 1500 horsepower propels the vehicle to an electronically limited speed of 420 km/h. Currently, factory orders for the Bugatti Chiron are unavailable, as all units were sold in January 2022. The only option is to turn to the second-hand market via, where prices range from 2.5 to 6 million euros.

BUGATTI Chiron forfor sale

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