The top 4 wireless speakers for high-end sound according to HYPERLUXE. While they won't replace full stereo systems, the best wireless speakers do an outstanding job of delivering exceptional sound quality without visual clutter. The following examples combine elegant and discreet aesthetics with exceptional audio quality, meaning all you have to do is relax, unwind, and disconnect.

From €800 to €8,000

Piega Premium 701701 Wireless Gen 2

Based on the shores of Lake Zurich, Piega is renowned for its refined-sounding speakers and elegant aesthetics. The Premium 701 Gen 2, the largest in its series, incorporates four drivers, a midrange, and a tweeter, delivering powerful and balanced sound. Controlled by remote or smartphone, it integrates into a Piega multiroom system with digital correction for each space. Price: $7,995 per pair.

Bang & OlufsenOlufsen Beolab 8 :

Bang & Olufsen, known for its highly regarded systems, presents the Beolab 8, a versatile and sculptural speaker. Operating in various modes, it's equipped with three amplifiers per speaker to power a woofer, a midrange, and a tweeter. Featuring Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, it's controlled by an intuitive glass interface or the B&O app. Price: Starting from $5,498 per pair.

KEF LS60 WirelessWireless Lotus Edition :

Result of a collaboration with Lotus, the LS60 provides a broad soundstage from a narrow form. Featuring a 4-inch Uni-Q driver, it ensures accurate reproduction of mid and high frequencies. Powered by 1,400 watts of amplification, it's room-friendly and offers connectivity with popular streaming platforms. Price: $7,999 per pair.

Sonus faber DuettoDuetto :

Sonus faber's first active wireless speaker, the Duetto, combines Livio Cucuzza's signature style with cutting-edge technology. With a lute-shaped enclosure, it integrates a mid-woofer and a silk dome tweeter. Controlled by a top touch panel and the Sonus faber app, it offers custom settings and system configuration. Price: $3,999 per pair, optional stands at $749 per pair.