Koenigsegg Regera for Sale

Last week, we introduced you to a carbon fiber Koenigsegg Regera for sale in the United Arab Emirates at Alain Class Motors. Today, we present the same model of the Swedish hypercar: Koenigsegg Regera, but in pumpkin orange. It is available for sale in the United Kingdom at Supervettura. Head directly to LuxuryPulse.com, a marketplace specializing in ultra-luxury. This magnificent Koenigsegg Regera is for sale for £2,950,000, excluding VAT.

This Koenigsegg Regera is for sale on LuxuryPulse.com at £2,950,000 or €3,466,008 for export.

Koenigsegg Regera

The Koenigsegg Regera is an exceptional collector's car, equipped with a 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that produces an impressive 1,100 horsepower. It also features three electric motors that add an additional 700 horsepower, for a total power output of 1,800 horsepower. The Regera can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.6 seconds and reach a top speed of over 400 km/h.

Bodywork of thethe Koenigsegg Regera

With its Tang Orange Pearl bodywork and exposed carbon fiber elements, the Regera boasts a unique and aggressive style. Its AirCore carbon fiber wheels, bright orange brake calipers, and natural aluminum optics complete its look.

Interior of thethe Koenigsegg Regera

The interior combines Lava (orange) and Desiato (black) leather with diamond-patterned upholstery. The steering wheel, dashboard, and doors in carbon fiber add a high-tech touch. Brushed aluminum finishes add a note of elegance to this custom environment.

Performance and RecordsRecords of the Koenigsegg Regera

The Koenigsegg Regera goes from 0-100 km/h in 2.6 seconds and reaches 400 km/h in less than 20 seconds, far surpassing the Bugatti Veyron. The Koenigsegg Regera is an exceptional collector's car that has broken several speed records. On September 27, 2019, the Regera set the 0-400-0 km/h record in 31.49 seconds, establishing a new world record. It also broke the 0-400 km/h record in 22.87 seconds and the 400 km/h to a standstill record in 8.62 seconds.

On June 16, 2023, Koenigsegg once again broke the 0-400 km/h record in 20.68 seconds and the 400-0 km/h record in 8.13 seconds, confirming the Regera’s position as one of the fastest and most powerful cars in the world.

This Koenigsegg Regera was delivered new to its first owner in the Middle East. It is now available in the United Kingdom directly on LuxuryPulse.com with only 780 km on the clock. A unique opportunity to acquire an ultra-exclusive model in excellent condition.

Koenigsegg Regera for Sale:

This Koenigsegg Regera is for sale on the ultra-luxury specialized marketplace: LuxuryPulse at a price of £2,950,000 or €3,466,008 for export, or at a VAT-inclusive price of £3,540,000 or €4,159,146 for buyers in the United Kingdom.

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