Pagani Zonda VIOLA

If you're a dedicated follower of the HYPERLUXE website, you'll know that I have a particular fondness for Pagani, especially the Pagani Zonda! I adore this Italian hypercar, so I wanted to revisit the Pagani Zonda VIOLA that was once available on our LuxuryPulse marketplace site and has been sold for several years now.

The Pagani Zonda VIOLA is expected to be priced at over 10/12 million euros.

The Pagani Zonda VIOLA is more than just a car; it's a rolling work of art, a roaring tribute to the legend of motorsports, Juan Manuel Fangio.


Inspired by Sauber-Mercedes Group C race cars, the Zonda VIOLA embodies pure performance. Its soul resides in the powerful 7.3-liter V12 engine from AMG, housed in a carbon fiber body and firmly supported by a chrome-molybdenum steel frame. This combination translates to 592 horsepower, ready to be unleashed.

The beast roars to life with a simple press of the "START" button. The thunderous exhaust of the Pagani Zonda VIOLA echoes. Behind the wheel, impeccable ergonomics and a spacious cockpit create the perfect environment to fully experience piloting this machine. Power steering and brakes allow confident control of every turn, turning the drive into an effortless symphony of sound and speed. Beware of accidents, even for champions.


When this hypercar was on sale a few years ago, it had only clocked 3200 km. At that time, the price of the Pagani Zonda VIOLA wasn't publicly disclosed and was available on LuxuryPulse, sold by Amian Cars, a German dealership. However, one can assume that its price was close to or exceeded 10/12 million euros, considering its rarity (only one unit).


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Source : LuxuryPulse