McLaren SpeedTail for sale

The Woking-based manufacturer aimed to create the ultimate road GT with the Speedtail, providing a worthy successor to the legendary 1994 McLaren F1. The Speedtail is the latest addition to the Ultimate Series, featuring a central driving position for three passengers and an astonishing top speed. Only 106 units will be built, each priced at 2.5 million euros (all already sold). Currently in the second-hand market, the price has surged to a minimum of 3.5 million dollars, marking a 1 million euro increase in just two years! It was unveiled on October 26, 2018, at a specific event in London, UK, and is available for purchase at a tax-exclusive price of 1.6 million British pounds.

3,1 million dollars

A true four-wheeled work of art with its elongated dimensions (5.14 meters), the McLaren Speedtail appears to stretch with the wind, as if sculpted by it. No aerodynamic appendages disrupt the elegant and sleek silhouette resembling a water droplet. The airflow remains uninterrupted from the nose to the extended tail. Sitting very low (1.12 meters high), you can choose wheel covers to achieve the maximum speed at its helm.

McLaren SpeedTail

In collaboration with the watchmaker Richard Mille, the Speedtail introduces the Thin-Ply Technology (TPT) to the automotive world for the first time. It's a material composed of numerous layers of 30-micron carbon, each positioned at 45°. This material is found on the upper control panel, the base of the steering wheel, and the gear shift paddles, mirroring the Richard Mille RM 11-03 McLaren watch.

Inside the cabin, the Speedtail offers perfect symmetry: the driver is centrally positioned, with two passengers seated slightly behind. The design of the windows provides a sense of space and freedom, encouraging you to unleash the beast. However, the car does not feature an all-electric mode. The customization options are taken to the extreme, drawing inspiration from various realms such as yachts, haute couture, real estate, and more.

McLaren SpeedTail forfor sale

Are you in search of a McLaren Speedtail to enhance your collection? A private client on our LuxuryPulse marketplace possesses a blue McLaren Speedtail and wishes to sell it off-market, meaning the listing will not appear on the LuxuryPulse website. If you are interested in this property, contact me directly, and I will provide you with additional information.