VILLA AURORA : 471 millions €

Villa Aurora, located in Rome, is being sold with its treasures. Starting bid for the auction: 471 million euros. The Italian State has the right of first refusal.

471 millions €

Why could Villa Aurora become one of the biggest real estate sales in history? Villa Aurora houses two treasures. The first is the unique mural painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, known as Caravaggio. The second treasure is a fresco by Guercino, a contemporary of Michelangelo. Discover the interior of Villa Aurora in images here.

Villa Aurora byby Michel-Ange

The non-auction sale by asynchronous telematic mode of the monumental complex known as "VILLA AURORA" or "CASINO DELL'AURORA" will take place on January 18, 2022, at 3:00 p.m., in the sales room of the sales manager, ZUCCHETTI SOFTWARE GIURIDICO Srl, in Rome, Via Lucrezio Caro 63, and through the same website


Among the most prestigious architectural and landscape beauties of pre-unification Rome, Villa Aurora preserves inside many rooms painted with frescoes by Guercino (Hall of Dawn; Hall of Fame, Hall of Landscapes, Hall of Cupids, Toilet of Venus) as well as the only existing fresco in the world by Caravaggio, entitled Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto, and also countless other works of art (paintings, sculptures, stuccoes, statues, columns, etc.) such as works by Domenichino, Tassi and Valesio.

Villa Aurora

The estimate of the value of the villa and the work by Caravaggio were evaluated by Alessandro Zuccari, professor of history at Sapienza University of Rome. He describes "an extraordinary work to which it was difficult to give a price, given that it is the only fresco ever made by Caravaggio and we had nothing to compare it to." The unique mural by Caravaggio has been estimated at 310 million euros, representing two-thirds of the estimated value of the Villa.


Villa Aurora is located with its park between Via Vittorio Veneto, Porta Pinciana and Villa Borghese, in one of the most elegant areas of the Italian capital. Villa Aurora (partially stacked for office use) also includes three garages in the garden, for a conventional surface of approximately 2,800.00 m². Villa Aurora was part of a larger ensemble, Villa Ludovisi. The latter had been built in the 1620s and is now destroyed.

Villa Aurora has six levels, including the ground floor, first floor, and mezzanine, as well as the basement. The volume is completed by the two-story roof terrace. The facades were restored between 2009 and 2011. Work will be at the expense of the future buyer, the cost of which (estimated at approximately €11,000,000) has been deducted from the value of the bid. The purchase is subject to the suspensive condition that the State does not exercise its right of preemption in accordance with Article 61 of Legislative Decree 42/2004. The value of the bid is 471,000,000 euros. The minimum offer is 353,250,000 euros. The minimum increase in case of bidding is 1,000,000 euros.